International Youth Convention
26th of August – 15th of September 2019

The Church Development Service and the Centre for Global Ministries and Ecumenical Relationsin Northern Germany are going to hold a youth convention for partners of the Evangelican Church of Northern Germany in August/September 2019. The youth convention is a place for young people to discuss and exchange perspectives on justice from a personal level within a global context.

#conAction2019 is planned for the period of three weeks. According to the idea of justice and sustainability in the world we want to create an international platform for young people to discuss and share aspects and develop new ideas in cooperation with each other. Our intention behind the event is to strengthen the relations between the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Northern Germany and the idea of ecumenical relations worldwide. All participants shall become future multipliers for their own communities.

Team #conAction2019: Niels, Ellen, Johannes, Leah, Kira, Dominik

Informationen auf Deutsch: https://conaction2019.de/conaction2019-2/